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Unlike even a decade ago, when Dr. Partha's son was diagnosed, there is now abundant information available about autism. Over this last decade, autism has risen to epidemic proportions - 1 in 88 children have autism, according to recent reporting on CNN.

There is an abundant amount of general information about autism available on the internet. By the time most parents seek acupuncture or homeopathy, or even biomedical treatment for their child, they are experts in identifying symptoms and behaviors of autism. The procedures for autism treatment at Holistic Health will be discussed here.

Regardless of the name of the condition, whether it is autism or something else, the patient always starts with homeopathy, and then other modalities, such as NAET,Acupuncture, usually scalp acupuncture for children, and various types of energy medicine techniques are added. Dr. Partha feels strongly that every child on the autism spectrum also needs to get AIT. Almost every child on the spectrum displays some kind of an auditory processing disturbance as well as sensory issues. While the sensory issues may not be fully corrected with AIT and the child will need other therapies, the auditory ones, based on our experience, do get resolved. And, more often than not, the mother also has auditory processing difficulties. It is for this reason that we offer FREE TREATMENT FOR THE MOTHER FOR AIT in our office.

Autism Spectrum Disorders